7 Things you should know about your Natural Grass Fed Steer Raised at Sweetwater Farm


Your steer was born and raised at high altitude (over 7500 ft) in the San Luis Valley and San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado. The region has plentiful rivers flowing out of the mountains that are lined with cottonwoods and lush natural pasture. This area has a rich and unique ranching and farming tradition dating back more than a century and a half to the first Spanish Land Grant settlers in the 1850’s.


Your steer was selectively bought from local ranchers of good repute. We were able to talk to the previous owner of your steer regarding genetics and individual history, to confirm no hormones or antibiotics had been used and to ensure that he was only grass fed. If we absolutely need to use antibiotics to save the health of your steer, you will be given the choice of keeping that steer or replacing him with another healthy steer if one is available. If you desire a replacement steer but one is not available, we will refund your deposit.


Your steer is responsibly grazed using a rotational basis on abundant natural pasture that is, and always has been, 100% pesticide/herbicide/chemical free. The Sweetwater herd of 10 steers leaves a small footprint on the 100+ acres of diversely vegetated pastureland. An untainted mountain stream runs through the pasture, guaranteeing clean drinking water and fresh grass.


Your steer has never seen a feedlot, or been fed grain, both of which are bad for the health of the animal, as well as compromise the natural health qualities of the beef.


In the fall, your steer will gently be transported less than 10 miles to a well established, locally owned and operated custom butcher shop with USDA processing certification.


Your steer is being raised humanely in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner by two really nice people who probably care too much but believe wholeheartedly in healthy food.