Pricing & Payment FAQs

What does the price include?

All prices include paper wrapped cuts, and ground beef in 1 pound plastic wrapped 'chubs.'

Optional vacuum pack in clear plastic is available for an additional $ .35/lb.

Sweetwater Beef regrets USDA certification is not an option at this time because our local custom meat processor (Mel) stopped offering this (as a cost saving measure), and USDA inspection was completely redundant as the State inspection process is exactly the same as USDA.

If you pay online via PayPal, there is a 2.9% payment gateway fee added to your bill to cover the cost of credit/debit card processing. Payment by check does not incur a gateway fee.

What is the final cost of the portion I purchased?

You will be charged for the actual pounds of meat your steer produces. Weights of individual animals vary. Actual final processed weight may vary 15% more or less by package. It is impossible to exactly predict final processed weight in advance. However, as an example our estimate of 420 pounds of processed and packaged meat for a whole steer is the average amount that a customer might possibly receive.

How does payment work?

You can pre-order a package through our website and choose to pay the deposit via check or securely at PayPal (no PayPal account is needed). Once we receive your deposit we will send you an invoice via PayPal for the base rate of that package. You are welcome to make partial payments online or via check at any time.

Once your steer has been processed we will adjust the invoice to reflect actual poundage of meat produced. Full payment is due by the time of pickup. If a steer comes in under weight and you have already paid the base price we will refund the difference.

Online payments will receive immediate receipt and order confirmation at the email provided. Please allow 14 days for your receipt and order confirmation if paying by check. You will receive additional information to place your custom meat processing order after your deposit has been received.

When do I get my meat?

After fattening all summer on Colorado mountain grass, your steer will be professionally processed in the fall and ready for pickup in late October to early November.

Please have a look at our Portions and Pricing page to learn more about what cuts of meat come with each package as well as expected total costs.