Pick-up will be at one of our convenient distribution points. The pick-up date will fall between late October and early November, and we will communicate the exact date to you at least one month in advance. The meat will all be frozen, and there will be a 1-2 day finite window for everyone to get their beef since we don’t have the facilities to keep everyone's beef frozen indefinitely.

Please plan ahead and bring as many coolers and as much ice as necessary for transport of your beef to your home. For volume, imagine one pound of ground beef multiplied by at least 100, 200, or 400, depending on the size of your particular steer (we suggest over-estimating volume). As a general rule you will need one cubic foot of freezer space for each 35 pounds of cut and wrapped meat. The beef will be separated by customer name, and division to smaller amounts can be done by you - we prefer not to hold divided amounts .

Last but not least, if you have not completed payment, please don’t forget to bring your final payment cash or check.