Summer 2021 Update

Howdy Folks!

We hope you’re all having a good summer - deftly dodging fires and floods!? It has been a fantastic summer here in Conejos Land! Lot’s of rain, and therefore lush healthy pasture for an outstanding herd of handsome steers that love to eat up those pure natural grasses...

But great pastures and ample natural forage don’t happen by accident. We strive to educate ourselves on pasture and grazing management. In July we attended a Soils Management workshop sponsored by the CSU-Extension Office. Whew! Lots of good info. Much of what makes a pasture healthy is going on underground; things like root vitality, soil chemistry, and microbiology. Unfortunately many modern agricultural practices adversely affect natural soil health and productivity. A well managed and sustainably grazed pasture can be simultaneously productive and regenerative, so we monitor the grazing and move the herd accordingly to allow the pasture to fully recover every year.

There is a lot of time and physical effort protecting the pasture through rotational grazing, removing noxious weeds, seeding native grasses, etc. Regenerative ranching is worth the extra time and effort, rather than rely on soil disturbing practices and chemicals that disrupt natural plant and soil biology. We’ll make y’all a good deal ;-) We’ll keep educating ourselves and working hard, and you keep buying natural raised, yummy, healthy Sweetwater Beef.

We have 20 big, beautiful Angus and AngusX steers this year, and we’re 75% sold out. YOUR word of mouth is our best marketing, so please tell family and friends who are interested to check out our website and order some Sweetwater Beef A lush year means well marbled beef, and bigger portions! We look forward to getting your beef to you the first half of November. We’ll send an update in early October with distribution details. Until then, Take Care, Stay Healthy, and Happy Trails!

Susan & Pat

Titus, our little buckaroo & 1st grandchild.