2019 Spring Steer Sale

Hello Friends,

Spring has Sprung! This means it’s time for you to send a Spring Steer Sale deposit to Sweetwater Farm and guarantee your family fresh, healthy beef again this coming fall!

We strongly encourage you to send your deposit asap and take advantage of our Spring Steer Sale Prices to save $ .50 a pound on all your beef. This is double what our past Spring Sale $aving$ have been, but we do this to show you, our loyal customers, how much we appreciate your business. The best way we could think of to do this, was to offer you greater savings on our beef! Send your deposit to us by the end of April, and if for example, you purchase a whole steer, you will save more than $200.00 on your final payment!

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Summer 2018 Update

Howdy Neighbors!

It’s another glorious summer up here in the Colorado Mountains, and Sweetwater Farm has another beautiful crop of steers. Although spring was slightly dry due to low snow pack last winter, the summer rains came in right on schedule! With summer wild fires a reality for the entire West to face, we’re grateful to live in the ‘Asbestos Forest’ as this area of the Southern San Juan Mountains is known due to it’s atypical frequent rainfall.

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Spring 2018 Update

Hi Everyone,

It’s that time of year again. Time to order your steer for the Fall of this year- If you order before the end of April, you can $ave $ome money, and get a complimentary Sweetwater Farm ball cap or T-shirt! Yippeeee!!! When you make a deposit, we are better able to plan for the number of steers to be harvested in the fall. It helps with our efficiency and conservation of resources, so you can help us by ordering early! So that’s it, pay your deposit by April 30th to guarantee fresh grass fed beef in your freezer in six months (end of October).

While you’re on the website checking out deposit payment details, if you need even more reasons to buy Sweetwater Beef, take a peek at the new “Health Benefits” page. I hope these benefits can be retro-active?!

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Summer 2017 Update

Howdy Folks!

Hard to believe it’s September already!?! We are proud to report that the Sweetwater Farm ‘Class of 17’ steers look simply marvelous! Building on our positive experiences last year, we optimistically enlarged the 2017 Sweetwater herd to 14 steers – a 40% increase! The boys are beautiful red and black Angus X steers, selected from local ranchers, 100% grass fed and raised the natural way (without hormones/antibiotics), and thriving in the pristine mountain pasture that is the heart and soul of our operation...

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Scouting Trip - Late March 2017


Wow! Our first Blog. A lot has happened in the last year. Sweetwater Farm Natural Beef has gone from a dream in Susan’s and Pat’s heads, to reality on the ground in Conejos and Flagstaff! Well, as much fun as it has been, it has required a lot of elbow grease, crucial help from friends, not to mention a huge leap of faith! In the end the ten steers you all bought in the ‘Class of 2016’ turned out utterly fantastic, and thanks to word of mouth and our great customers, we totally sold all of our beef our first year! Nothing left to do but bask in our success and eat burger sliders- right? Not quite…

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