Spring 2021 Update

Greetings from Pat and Susan to all our Sweetwater Friends. We hope this finds you healthy, happy, and enjoying the spring weather!

With the arrival of warmer days and the first green blades of grass, it’s time to lock in your ‘Early Bird Special’ order for Sweetwater Beef (Fall 2021). Click on the link https://swbeef.com/store now to ensure your portion of yummy healthy Sweetwater Beef for 2021 at our lowest prices. Your early order helps us operate at top efficiency and minimize our carbon footprint, thereby protecting our environment, making the world a better place to live, and keeping our prices affordable! Amazingly, we have kept our ‘Early Bird’ and regular prices the same the last four years, despite processing costs increasing more than 20%. Please note however there is a small cost increase on USDA certification and vacuum packaged orders this year.

Our 2021 herd is 20 steers, last year’s was 17.... and we sold out in July! Our business continues to grow because of YOU! Please keep up the good word of mouth marketing for us- we appreciate it! Our part is handpicking the highest quality grass fed, no hormone or antibiotic treated, locally sourced, high altitude Angus or Angus X steer calves. We spend extra to get the best! Sweetwater Farm steers are fed no unhealthy “grain fillers” to gain weight. They gain healthy weight naturally by grazing all summer on diverse sedges and grasses in our lush natural alpine pastures.

Please order asap to get ‘Early Bird Special’ pricing: https://swbeef.com/store. After April 30th we sell at our regular market prices until we are out of beef, so don’t wait - all we need is a deposit to reserve your (portion of) steer. Thanks to those of you that have already pre-ordered, and please feel free to forward this email to friends or family that might be interested in Sweetwater Beef! We look forward to hearing from you!

Pat, Susan, & Hank (the cowdog!)