Summer 2017 Update

Howdy Folks!

Hard to believe it’s September already!?! We are proud to report that the Sweetwater Farm ‘Class of 17’ steers look simply marvelous! Building on our positive experiences last year, we optimistically enlarged the 2017 Sweetwater herd to 14 steers – a 40% increase! The boys are beautiful red and black Angus X steers, selected from local ranchers, 100% grass fed and raised the natural way (without hormones/antibiotics), and thriving in the pristine mountain pasture that is the heart and soul of our operation...

Beef Business is Booming!!! Many of you have expressed interest in buying Sweetwater Beef this year – if you haven’t already paid your deposit for a portion of a steer, you should do it now! This year our market has expanded into Colorado and New Mexico, so there is less beef available elsewhere. With the herd over 50% sold right now, if you wait - you may miss out, so please make a deposit payment today to ensure you and your family can feast on yummy, healthy grass fed beef!

Visit our online store or call Susan & Pat in Conejos Canyon: home – (719) 376 5545 | cell – (719) 580 0922

2017 began with a very wet winter in the San Juan Mountains, followed by a perfect long spring, and was crowned by a rainy summer, all culminating in a lush, verdant Conejos Canyon more reminiscent of Ireland or the Pacific Northwest, rather than the American Southwest…

Susan and Pat have enjoyed visits and help from friends and family this summer- probably more than the guests have- haha! Sweetwater Farm staff earn rare days off to run rivers or go hike & camp in the forest. Workdays, however, consist of long hours in the saddle, endless wrestling matches with barbwire fences, and branding those doggies to keep the rustlers away!

We’re “OUT ON THE RANGE” until the end of October. Then we look forward to seeing all of you when you pick-up your beef this fall! Thanks for your support, and thank you to all our friends and family that have helped in so many ways !!!