Summer 2020 Blog

We hope you all are coping well during these extraordinary times. Life actually hasn’t really changed much up here- still lot’s of physical labor for us humans, and our herd of 17 big, beautiful steers keep doing their part by eating lots of grass.

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In spite of hotter, drier weather in the Southwest this summer and subsequent wildfires in different parts of Colorado, our little paradise here in Conejos Canyon has received plenty of rain - the US Forest Service refers to this southern part of the San Juan Mountains as “The Asbestos Forest”. The grass in our pasture, and therefore our steers, are all healthy and happy as can be!

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We are on track for a mid-November distribution (gotta get you all some fresh Sweetwater Beef before Thanksgiving!), so expect another blog late in October with all the juicy details! Just to give you a heads up, we will be scheduling pick-ups and using PPE to protect us all. In the meantime, hang in there everyone and take care of (y)ourselves.

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Sincerely, Susan and Pat (and Hank the cowdog)

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