Summer 2018 Update

Howdy Neighbors!

It’s another glorious summer up here in the Colorado Mountains, and Sweetwater Farm has another beautiful crop of steers. Although spring was slightly dry due to low snow pack last winter, the summer rains came in right on schedule! With summer wild fires a reality for the entire West to face, we’re grateful to live in the ‘Asbestos Forest’ as this area of the Southern San Juan Mountains is known due to it’s atypical frequent rainfall.

This year’s herd of a dozen black and red Angus X steers is cohesive and mobile- they love to graze the whole 100+ acre river bottom pasture, and Susan and Pat get good exercise finding them every day! Things are so good out there we even had a neighbors free-range steer jump the fence into our pasture! We took it as a compliment...

Always grateful when friends and family visit us at our mountain abode, we also had an uninvited guest this summer – a local juvenile delinquent bear mauling completely innocent garbage cans. Fortunately we have Lassie, Susan’s mom’s fierce West Highland Terrier, and we’re pretty sure we’ve seen the last of that garbage bin bully!

Large-headed West Highland Terrier “Lassie” with Shirley.

We want to thank all of you again for your great support! We’re pre-selling more beef outside of Flagstaff these days, a trend we expect to continue. That means less unsold beef available this coming October than in years past. If you want guaranteed Sweetwater Beef this fall, please make a deposit now. Our best marketing has been word of mouth, so if you know of others potentially interested in this healthy, melt-in-your-mouth beef, please tell them to visit our website, it has all the info. Please send checks to: Sweetwater Farm, P.O. Box 14, Conejos, Co 81129.

And that’s the news from Sweetwater Farm and Conejos Canyon folks. Enjoy what’s left of summer, and we look forward to crossing paths with ya’ll in the fall!

Best Regards,
Susan & Pat