Spring 2018 Update

Hi Everyone,

It’s that time of year again. Time to order your steer for the Fall of this year- If you order before the end of April, you can $ave $ome money, and get a complimentary Sweetwater Farm ball cap or T-shirt! Yippeeee!!! When you make a deposit, we are better able to plan for the number of steers to be harvested in the fall. It helps with our efficiency and conservation of resources, so you can help us by ordering early! So that’s it, pay your deposit by April 30th to guarantee fresh grass fed beef in your freezer in six months (end of October).

While you’re on the website checking out deposit payment details, if you need even more reasons to buy Sweetwater Beef, take a peek at the new “Health Benefits” page. I hope these benefits can be retro-active?!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; The heart and soul of Sweetwater Farm Natural Beef ….is our pasture. Not only are these steers grass fed, They’re NATURAL grass fed. This is native Colorado mountain grass spread over more than 130 acres of prime river bottom pasture. Some willows near the creek, cottonwood galleries on the flood plains, and large open fields and meadows of grass!

Susan’s grandfather William bought this land in the 1920’s. The pasture has never had any “cides” or chemicals sprayed on it. No fertilizers. Nothing artificial whatsoever. It has always been a pasture for cows, horses, and elk. All of you that bought beef from us are invited to come by and see the steers if you’re in the hood. There’s good camping nearby, great fishing, plenty of hiking.

Caveat Emptor: You may be conscripted into a ranch labor gang!

Make your Early Bird Special Deposit By April 30th!!!
Heck! May as well make it today! Or with that tax refund money!

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Much Love,
Susan & Pat

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