Simple Recipe for Brisket

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Cooked to Perfection

All the connective tissue would normally make this an almost inedible cut of meat if you were to cook it like a steak, but all you have to do is follow the braising technique of the Pot Roast Slow-Cooker Method.

This allows all the collagen fibers in the brisket to break down slowly, lubricating all the muscle fibers and making the whole cut remarkably tender and delicious. 

Preparation: Rub roast with olive oil lightly. Season with salt and pepper. Sear your roast over a medium-high or high heat until the exterior is browned.  Place your roast in a Dutch oven, or a slow cooker with a little liquid to prevent it from drying out, and cook slow and low.  ( I love onions so I throw in some coarse chopped onions in the same pot after I sear with a little liquid or butter to scrape off the seasoning off the pan).  I then top the onions on top of the brisket).

  1. Liquid: Yes. Add a little broth, wine, or beer until 1/3-1/2 of the entire roast is submerged. (I sometimes do a combo of broth and wine (1/2 to 1 whole cup max of the wine)

  2. Temperature: Low, 200º - 300ºF or low setting on slow cooker.

  3. Finish: Super Well Done, with an internal temperature of 170º or hotter. If it's not fork-tender or falling off the bone, then keep on cookin'. You really can't overcook a braised roast, plan on 6 - 8 hours, depending on roast size.

  4. Carve: Shred with two forks, or gently slice against the grain.